1. Members must be single or unattached, no longer living under the same roof as/with an ex-partner and free to form a relationship.
  2. Members must provide passport or other acceptable form of identification together with home address, telephone number(s), and e-mail address. All the information supplied is understood to be correct but we cannot guarantee its accuracy and therefore cannot be responsible for any inaccuracies.  If the information provided by the member is found to be false, membership will be terminated.
  3. Perfect Partners undertakes to introduce members over the membership period to potential partners. We cannot guarantee success be it falling in love, getting married or otherwise.  We cannot make people like you and can only provide you with the opportunity to meet people  An introduction is defined by the acceptance of the Client and their selected introduction both agreeing with Perfect Partners to be put in touch with each other.  For the avoidance of doubt the term “introduction” does not imply any guarantee of a face to face meeting between the client and their selected introduction.  Perfect Partners agrees to supply the Client with a true assessment of people as far as it is able and can only supply particulars that have been accepted in good faith.
  4. Perfect Partners guarantees the confidentiality of member’s profiles and photographs which will not be provided to third parties unless by prior agreement. In turn members must keep details and identities of any member absolutely confidential.
  5. Members agree that they are responsible for ensuring their own personal safety. Introductions are arranged on the basis that members take all necessary precautions for a first meeting and we recommend that this meeting be in a public place and that all subsequent meetings should also be in a public place until both parties are comfortable with each other.
  6. All members undertake to treat fellow members with courtesy and good manners. Membership will be removed, with no entitlement to a refund, where behaviour does, or is likely to offend other members.
  7. Perfect Partners is not bound to accept any person for membership and may at its sole discretion withdraw membership from any member whose behaviour it considers inappropriate.
  8. Refusal to follow up on introductions that have been accepted by both parties may result in the removal of your details from our files.
  9. For reasons of discretion Perfect Partners does not normally proactively phone members to check how their membership is going. Consequently, it is the member’s responsibility to make contact and inform them of any issue of concern affecting membership.
  10. It is the member’s responsibility to inform the agency each time he/she requires a further introduction.  The agency will subsequently arrange an introduction providing the member has made every endeavour to meet those members to whom they have been introduced.  Members must endeavour to meet the clients whose profiles they have accepted and not try to establish compatibility over the phone.
  11. It is the member’s responsibility to inform the agency if they no longer wish their name to be included in the company records.
  12. Membership may be put on hold or frozen for an unlimited period .  Membership may be frozen where there are extenuating circumstances preventing the member from meeting new introductions.
  13. Members must be in good mental and physical health.
  14. Profile information may not be changed except by agreement.
  15. Subject to the early termination provisions below, Client membership will automatically be fulfilled after the minimum guaranteed introductions has been reached within the Active Membership Period.  Perfect Partners shall be entitled to terminate the Client’s Membership in circumstances where:
    • The Client has in the opinion of Perfect Partners, exercised inappropriate behaviour.
    • The Client fails to maintain contact with Perfect Partners during the client’s active membership.
    • The Client has provided false information to Perfect Partners.
    • Perfect Partners receives a complaint about the Client, which, after investigation, it considers to be justified (such decision to be entirely at Perfect Partners Perfect Partners reserves the right to approach both parties concerned during an investigative procedure).
    • The Client does not turn up for an agreed meeting without prior notification.
    • The client commits some other breach of these terms (where in the sole opinion of Perfect Partners such a breach justifies termination).
  16. If, despite Perfect Partners efforts, Perfect Partners is unable to provide the member with the number of specified introductions agreed, then at Perfect Partners discretion, membership may be extended.  For the avoidance of doubt the Member shall not be entitled to a refund fee, unless Perfect Partners has negligently or otherwise breached the terms of contract.  If this is found to be the case, then a refund would be given, less a retention of €250 for the interview and registration charge. All  disputes which may arise shall be referred to Arbitration, the arbitrator to be appointed on the application of any of the parties by the President of the Law Society of Ireland. The arbitration  costs shall be shared equally between the parties.