How women test men on first dates

Perhaps an industrial secret, here are a list of her first-date tests, and how you can pass them.

She offers to pay for dinner
Pass the test: Go for compromise. Let her know that you’d love to treat her to dinner and make sure you pay, but joke that she can pay the next time the two of you go out. This makes it even — hypothetically.

She complains about something (the wine or food)
Pass the test: Inaction at this point will make you seem wimpy or uncaring. You can either offer to take her somewhere else (if it’s an issue of noise or the establishment itself) or you can speak to an employee but be polite.

She sets you off balance with a cheeky comment or unsettling question
Pass the test: Keep your cool and, for goodness sake, tell her the truth. Whether she asks you about your likes/dislikes or about a past relationship, lying is the absolute wrong way to go every time.

She invites chivalry
Pass the test: Without being ridiculous (don’t run ahead in order to open her door), be sure to comply with the age-old rules. The key to chivalry is to be cool; don’t try too hard and always make your movements natural.

She lets you steer conversation
Pass the test: If you look back and think you’ve been talking a lot, try asking a few questions for a change. Ask about her life and interests.

She drinks
Pass the test: Be sure to be in control and responsible, especially if you have to get her home. If you drink too much you may come off as being overly nervous or just a problem drinker.

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