— How we work —

Here’s how we find your perfect partner.

When you call us, we will arrange to meet you for a coffee. It’s not an interview, it’s a free, informal chat during which we will try to really get to know you over an hour or more.. We’ll talk about your previous experiences and where you would like to go. We’ll encourage you to tell us about your hopes and dreams and where your partner might fit into your plans for the future. We’d like to hear about your interests, your hobbies and your values.

We’ll tell you more about what to expect on your journey to finding your perfect partner and, if we think we can help, we will invite you to become a member. 



So the next step is for Bill and the team to talk about you and to explore possible matches. When we are sure we have a good match, we’ll talk to you both and leave it to you both to arrange a low-key, low pressure first date at a venue of your choice at a time that suits you both. The following day call us to let us know to  how it went and in fact we will always be there for you during your search to find your perfect partner, with advice and support. 

If the first introduction does not work out, we’ll try again and  you know you can trust us to  keep trying until you have found your perfect partner.

“Grace and I are now engaged! Thank you so much for finding her for me. It’s like we were made for each other and I wonder what on Earth I did without her for all of those years! It was a worry because, as you know, I did not want to be in the public eye. I know society has moved on a lot but as a teacher I really couldn’t stand it if any of the kids I teach found an online profile for me. Your personal introductions were absolutely perfect – discrete and carefully handled. Thanks again – your invite is in the post!”

Darragh, 32

— CONTACT US —­­­­

Ok, let’s find your perfect partner.

EVERY JOURNEY no matter how short, long, easy or daunting starts with a first step.
You are about to go on your journey to finding your perfect partner. We’ll be by your side all the way, but you must take the first step and contact us. Put in your details here and PerfectPartners, Dublin's premier Introduction/Matchmaking agency,  will get in touch to arrange a chat over a coffee with no obligation or charge.